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New Ferret Outdoor Enclosure!

I have been planning to build a ferret enclosure for sometime now, i even bought a second hand playpen off ebay to build a ferret temple!! but the project hasn't evolved yet, so I came across this beautiful timber cat enclosure...and I just bought it!!!! I have been saving up for a while, because I want to provide an outdoor area for Elroy to get fresh air and have fun. It is not for him to live in, and is only for days when it is below 24degrees Celsius and not too cold either. I'm hoping it will provide more enrichment for Elroy (even though he has a lot already!! he gets the run of the house most days, we play games together, tug of war and digs in mum's outdoor pots on his lead (ummm i mean i the garden...hehe) on his lead. Here are the pics from the ad:

I have all these plans to close in part of the indoor area sheltered from the wind and make it comfy with hammocks and hidey holes and sleeping areas (with venthilation). Then I'm going to add tunnels and different levels, as well as a ball pitt, a swing hanging basket, and maybe a box of sand to dig in. PLUS the best part of all is...I'm going to adopt a friend for Elroy!!!!!!!! hooray!!! I'm so happy about that. I feel another furry friend will enrich Elroy's life, encourage being social, and also provide a loving home for another rescue ferret.

I'll update my LJ with pics before and after the ferret enclosure make over! As well as the adoption process of choosing a friend for Elroy! (may be a few weeks away yet). :)

Table Tennis Ferret Fun!

Inspecting the table tennis court

Ball boy Elroy!

Sleep in!


My knitted jumper for a newborn in Malawi, Africa (finally complete!)

4 red felt hearts to create a 4 leaf clover


Little felt night owl patch. Might sew it onto a scarf when I knit one.

Now onto finishing Project #2 on time!


Ying & Yang toy & Kooky Rabbit

Here are some homemade toys I've made to give Elroy on Xmas Day (his first ever Christmas!!). I used the left-over felt from my plum pudding costume.

Ying & Yang Toy

The Ying & Yang toy is hand sewn and uses non-toxic glue. I cut out a red circle and black circle, then added the white design on top.On the inside I have sewn into place some tough but thin plastic (from a drink bottle seal) that makes crackling noises when pinched (or bitten by ferret chompers). I have another toy that has plastic under the material which drives Elroy bonkers (in a good way) because he loves the sound. The woolen stuffing was from old wool I had lying around so I could make it look more 3D. It was designed to be a flat-ish disc though so that Elroy could easily pick it up in his mouth, chomp at the crackling bits inside for the noise and run away with it.

Front View

Back View

Side View

Kooky Rabbit

This rabbit toy I started a while ago, forgot about and just finished. It was a bit more rushed and uses black material instead of black felt which is fraying but it has turned out pretty well. I cleaned a small plastic ball with a bell inside that Elroy doesn't use and placed it inside with the wool yarn stuffing. The floppy ears will be easy for Elroy to bite on to and to drag the bunny to his hiding spots. Everything was hand sewn together or uses non-toxic water based glue. I used one of the white pom poms from the xmas materials as a tail.  Once I give these to Elroy it will be a few months before I find them again! (that's if he likes them fingers crossed).

Ferret Xmas Costume

Ferret Xmas Costume
A little costume I put together with felt for the 2007 Ferret Christmas party Costume Competition. I tried to come up with something original for Elroy...here it is - the Xmas Plum Pudding!

Plum Pudding (top)

Plum Pudding (belly side)

Cut one snip to the centre of red felt circle.
Slide it into cone shape & glue.

Elroy in costume


Ferret Xmas Party 2007

Ferret party scout hall

5 Fuzzies eager to play!

Santa Ferret wink

Tunnel Race

Elroy checking out a tunnel before the big race

Ferret Costume Competition
Xmas Tree and Plum Pudding having a chat
pudding: "I can't hold this pose much longer" tree: "same my costume's chafing!!"

Reindeer Ferret!

Hat from Peru (Xmas Elf)

Elroy hanging in there as a Christmas Pudding

"Ahh that's better"

Santa zonked out after a big day (and too much Xmas Pudding)
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